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Welcome to The Texas Outdoor Digest!Will Leschper

My name is Will Leschper and I’m glad you found your way to the website.

What is The Digest, you may ask? The Texas Outdoor Digest is many things. First and foremost, it is an online magazine dedicated to fishing, hunting and travel in the Lone Star State. It is available for FREE, providing an unmatched editorial experience that doesn’t exist in traditional printed magazines and other media publications.

The Texas Outdoor Digest focuses on more than just hook and bullet, with an emphasis on “the experience” that accompanies outdoor pursuits in Texas, and a focus on providing you with the knowledge to make you the best hunter, angler and conservationist you can be.

The Texas Outdoor Digest also is a podcast, a place where we can discuss and celebrate all things sporting.

I founded The Digest because of my passion for outdoor pursuits like hunting and fishing, and I hope to bring my passion for the outdoors and our wild places to others. I’ve been a contributing writer and photographer to many outdoor magazines you may have heard of … and some that are no longer in print, thanks to the changing ways that folks consume their information.

You may ask, well Will, there are lots of other shows and media out there about hunting and fishing … so what makes you different? And you know what, that’s a great question.

My easy answer is that I know what you want because I want the same things. I want to know about the fishing conditions along the Texas coast this time of year, how the spring turkey hunting outlook is shaping up and hundreds of other topics that I enjoy discussing.
And there’s so much to talk about when you’re talking Texas hunting and fishing. However, there also are opportunities to enjoy outdoor pursuits elsewhere, so we’ll focus on those, too.

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Not only will you receive the latest on the outdoors from The Digest, you also will be entered into members-only drawings for some excellent prizes like gear and trips.

Thank you for joining The Texas Outdoor Digest community!