Pulsar introduces Digisight N750 night vision riflescope

Pulsar introduces Digisight N750 can be used in daytime or complete darkness

Pulsar has introduced the Digisight N750, which is engineered for operation in daytime or complete darkness. Similar to its award-winning predecessor, the Digisight N550, rated best night vision riflescope in 2011 by Optics Planet, the N750’s one-shot zeroing method offers less time to zero in and offers little room for error.

Though a majority of the N550 features remain in the N750, several elements have been improved.

“The N750 is Pulsar’s latest milestone in our efforts to improve night vision technology,” said product development manager Jonathan Horton, in a news release. “The overall performance of the N750 is significantly enhanced due to the upgrades with the OLED display enhances the resolution to 55 lines per mm. This provides several benefits: improved image quality, enhanced resolution and increased viewing range.”

The laser IR-Illuminator, beneficial for use in low levels of ambient light, increases the viewing distance substantially compared with the N550, according to the company. Equipped with three power levels, the N750 provides the user with more variable lighting conditions compared with the N550 single power setting.

Complete with a digital zoom feature, the N750 gives the shooter the ability to increase magnification from 4.5x to 6.75x. This feature aids during long-range shooting, offering a more precisely placed shot. Additionally, the maximum detection range is 600 meters, versus 450 meters of its predecessor.

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