The new Attractor Max from Johnny Stewart Wildlife Calls provides hunters with a lightweight, compact caller featuring a wireless remote with 10 sound keys. The remote operates the base unit at a range of as far as 50 yards.

The preloaded sounds include cottontail variations, coyote pup, jackrabbit, rodent, coyote howls, fawn, baby bird, puppy cries and even a woodpecker. Additional sounds can be downloaded and changed out through a USB port. Consumers who purchase the caller are provided the option of downloading an additional two free Johnny Stewart sounds, a $7.98 value.

The Attractor Max includes 128 megabytes of internal memory with a large speaker for added volume and an external jack to add an extra speaker.

The base unit weighs 2 pounds and is powered by four AA batteries. The remote operates on a 12-volt A23 battery (included). The Attractor Max will run as long as six to eight hours on a set of batteries.

The Attractor Max has a suggested retail price of $119.


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