Chamber-View shotgun safety device provides security that firearm is empty

Chamber-View shotgun safety device provides security firearm is empty.
The safety product will be available for sale on websites.

Chamber-View has announced that its model for shotguns is available for purchase through the Beretta and soon Brownells websites.

Made of 100 percent silicone, the Chamber-View provides instant recognition that a firearm is safe by indicating an open action to surrounding shooters, personnel and observers. Not only does it enhance the safety of the shooter by aiding against accidental closings of the action, the Chamber-View product line also helps preserve firearm performance by preventing elements from contaminating the ejector port, magazine and barrel.

The Chamber-View for shotguns is the brainchild of inventor Ned T. Bitsack, CEO of the company. Bitsack discovered the sport of wing and clay shooting while recovering from another sport related injury. One day, while at a clay course, Bitsack noticed that he and the trapper frequently checked the ejection port of his business partner’s autoloader shotgun to make sure the action was open.

A dentist, Bitsack went into his dental lab and made an impression of the injection port of his shotgun. The initial prototype was made of foam and plastic.

The patent-pending Chamber-View is designed to fit most side ejection autoloader and pump style shotguns. These include models from Beretta, Benelli, Browning, Franchi, Mossberg, Remington and Winchester.

The tapered design allows the Chamber-View to fit in most .410, 20- and 12-gauge shotguns.

The Chamber-View is flexible and resilient across a range of temperatures. It won’t scratch surfaces and has excellent sealing properties. Available in highly visible Hunter Orange, it is water repellant and heat resistant.


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