Barnett Predator 375 CarbonLite offers plenty of punch in small package


Barnett has introduced its Predator 375 CarbonLite, which shoots bolts at 375 fps and features an anti dry fire trigger system, which eliminates unintentional and costly dry fires.

Carbon Riser Technology, provides the lightweight Predator 375 with the balance and feel necessary for easier transport and steadier shots. The proprietary technology has been cast into Barnett’s patented Shoot Thru Foot Riser. The Shoot Thru Riser design lengthens the power stroke of the bow without placing the cocking string beyond arm’s length, allowing for increased speeds and stored energy levels.

In addition, thе over-molded, laminated limbs reduce noise аnԁ vibration up tο 30%. Additional features include a 3 1/2-pound trigger pull and MIM trigger trigger and an adjustable cheek piece and butt pad.

The package comes complete with a quiver and four high quality Easton arrows, an illuminated reticle scope and rope-cocking device.

The crossbow is made in the USA.

Technical Specifications:

Draw Weight: 175

Ft. Lbs of Energy: 125

Power Stroke: 15″

FPS: 375

Weight: 8 lbs

Length: 37″

Width: 24″

Arrow Length: 22″


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