Texas fishing pursuits have long been huge revenue generators, but the most recent study into the specific impact shows that anglers continue to be huge boon to the state economy.

A study conducted by Southwick Associates for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department shows that more than 1.6 million adults fished in the Lone Star state in 2011, spurring $2.1 billion in retail sales, generating $1.1 billion in salaries and wages and supporting more than 29,000 jobs.

Sea grass helps buffer currents, stabilize bottoms to prevent erosion and hide young and old for a bevy of game fish species
Speckled trout are among the most sought game fish in Texas.

The economic multiplier effect is estimated to be as high as $3.67 billion. The report looked at the demographics of 2011’s Texas anglers, including how many fished in freshwater and how many fished in saltwater, age, income, marital status and race.

Of the total economic effect, $1.67 billion was generated by freshwater angling, while saltwater angling accounted for $1.97 billion.


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