Memorial Day weekend in Texas long has signaled the start of summer across the state, bringing with it thought of fishing, camping and other outdoors excursions. Here are your holiday listings for things to do, places to go and how to plan a last-second trip to some of our favorite places.

Cooper Lake Bass Fishing

Texas freshwater summer fishing guide

“It’s tough to beat Texas angling no matter where you are, and while these bodies of water are surefire locales to find the fish of the year or fish of a lifetime, there are plenty of other places not far away that likely are just as good.”

The catfish is among the most common fish not only in Texas but across the nation
Channel catfish are distinctive, though they don’t grow as large as blue catfish and flathead catfish

Catfish the perfect angling target for young, old across Texas

“Because of its wide-ranging appetite for anything — and I do mean anything — the catfish is a great angling target for young and old. Not only can they grow to extreme size in some cases, they are tough to beat as table fare and definitely will put some curl in a fishing rod.”

Filleting the flatfish requires a different approach than other saltwater dwellers and care should be taken to maximize the amount of meat you extract from the tasty catch.
Flounder always are a welcome addition to a daily bag limit.

Texas saltwater summer fishing guide

“The Texas coastline stretches from the Louisiana border to the Mexican border and harbors game fish of all shapes and sizes – and tastes. With that in mind, here’s a summer saltwater fishing guide, featuring more than a few reasons why it’s worth making the trip south or east, at least for a few days when the weather’s scorching outside.”

Texas Jetty Mangrove Snapper

Texas jetty fishing provides some of the finest angling conditions imaginable

“The miles of rocky outcroppings from Sabine Pass to Port Mansfield – and everywhere in between – are magnets for game fish of all shapes and sizes, offering the everyman angler their best chance to come close to the biggest and best fish swimming in the salt.”

It’s time to play well with others in Texas hunting, fishing pursuits

“There are millions of acres of land and water open to public hunting and fishing if you can get there, but I’m telling you right now, if you don’t like sharing, don’t even pack the truck. It’s Memorial Day weekend and you’re guaranteed to find people before you find redfish or bass.”

Texas hunting, fishing pursuits continue to get even more crowded

“During the next few months from east to west and north to south we’ll be sharing some of our favorite places that we find most dear with more than a million others, who may or may not be our future friends. My advice is to celebrate all that we have to legally enjoy.”


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