VIDEO: Iconic Powderhorn Ranch on Texas coast to become public area

Texas Parks & Wildlife Department
Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department on Thursday announced a multi-million dollar public-private collaboration that will result in turning the iconic Powderhorn Ranch along Matagorda Bay into a state park and wildlife management area.

Native wildlife that calls the area home includes bobwhite quail, Rio Grande turkeys, white-tailed deer and countless other species. The region also harbors the endangered whooping crane and hundreds of species of migratory birds that travel south during the winter.

In addition to wildlife, the area features spectacular tidal habitat and brackish areas vital to the development of blue crabs, shrimp and the much-sought redfish.

TPWD has produced a video highlighting what makes the 17,000-acre ranch such a great place, one steeped in Texas history.

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