Gulf of Mexico red snapper fishing for recreational anglers faces shortest season ever

The 2013 red snapper season in federal waters off the Texas coast will run 17 days, beginning June 1.
Red snapper may be caught in Texas state waters all year, but 95 percent of the state's annual harvest is done in federal waters.

Red snapper fishing in the Gulf of Mexico again will feature a shortened season for recreational anglers, at least according to NOAA Fisheries, a move that continues to show the disconnect between science and sense.

The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council announced Tuesday that recreational sector anglers likely would see a season beginning June 1 that only runs six to nine days.

Last year’s red snapper season in the Gulf was marked for the first time by “sector separation,” a regulation approved defining how long recreational anglers and federal charter vessel/headboat (for-hire) anglers can catch snapper. The 2014 federal red snapper framework was shortened to just nine days.


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