GEAR REVIEW: Wade & Kayak Fishing on the Coastal Bend of Texas

The fishing field manuals detail literally every place to launch a kayak and include photos, maps and commentary
Author Ray Crawford details the best spots for shallow water fishing on the Texas coast.

Saltwater fishing this time of year tops the list for most Texans willing to drive a little bit to take in what the coast has to offer, and while many anglers are fortunate enough to have center-console bay or flats boats, the kayak has become as common a sight on and off the water.

The boom in kayak fishing is apparent up and down the coast as anglers have come to understand the value of being able to stealth up on fish, something that the looming shadow of a bigger vessel or the resonating sound of feet wading through shell won’t allow. Kayaks also allow the angler seeking to wade fish the ability to cross over deeper channels, including the Intracoastal Waterway, and get to prime waters not accessible by simply walking to them from shore.

And while some anglers who utilize kayaks know hot spots up and down the coast, most of us will never be able to fish all these places in 10 lifetimes. So it’s a good thing Ray Crawford has been able to drop a bait in most of them. Crawford, who has fished the Texas coast for more than five decades, has authored a pair of books designed to help out kayak fishermen up and down the coast. In Wade & Kayak Fishing on the Coastal Bend of Texas and Wade & Kayak Fishing on the Upper Coast of Texas, Crawford put his knowledge to good use and the result was a pair of great books that can aid any angler.

The fishing field manuals detail literally every place to launch a kayak from Corpus Christi to Sabine Lake and include photos, maps and commentary that speaks to everyone from the most advanced angler to the beginner. And while the book is geared toward those wanting to utilize a kayak, many of the sites are wader-friendly without the aid of any craft.

Anyone heading to the coast for the first time certainly should have the manual in hand for whichever section of water they’ll be fishing, and paired with a waterproof fishing map of the area is a great start at finding fish, especially if they’re taking a powerboat into new areas.

Even if you don’t enjoy fishing, the books also detail fine spots for a roadside picnic or simply good places to get out and soak the greatness that comes with the Texas coast during the summer.

 Click here for more information on where to find Ray Crawford’s work.

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