Texas man wrestles feral hog into trap using bare hands


Texas has a feral hog problem — a huge one.

In a state featuring more places for the swine to call home than most people may realize, the bottom line is this, according to a Texas A&M University study: if left unchecked, the state’s feral hog tally – which has been averaged at roughly 3 million animals – will more than triple in five years.

Using landowner surveys in 2010 from 139 of Texas’ 254 counties, the report found that the estimated reduction on feral hogs statewide from trapping, hunting and other methods was 753,646, or 29 percent of the population. Even at that same harvest rate, the report states that the population would still double in five years.

The most glaring figure from the report is the reduction rate necessary to keep the population in check. Roughly 66 percent of the animals must be taken off the range annually to keep their ranks from growing – something that’s never going to happen by any means or methods.

The analysis also showed that nearly 80 percent of Texas – approximately 134 million acres – is suitable feral hog habitat. If you’re reading this, the odds are pretty good there’s a feral hog – or 10 – within a square mile.

However, trapping efforts will continue, and in the case of at least one Texas man, getting your hands dirty is the way to go, as seen in the video below with this explainer, “Jason wrestles a sow into a cage in East Texas. Them boys is plumb crazy!”

While it may not be the preferred way to curb Texas’ invasive feral hog population, trapping is effective in corralling multiple animals, including smaller swine that are the foundation for future rises in species figures.

Feral hogs are considered an exotic species and can be hunted all year, including at night, with a valid hunting license.


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