Texas game wardens make $4M marijuana seizure on Mexican border

Game wardens seized marijuana worth roughly $4 million in South Texas

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department game wardens seized more than two tons of marijuana worth nearly $4 million last week.

“This is one of if not the largest drug seizure by Texas game wardens in the history of our agency,” said TPWD Law Enforcement Director Craig Hunter, in a news release. “Obviously, we are very proud of the wardens involved in this case. Beyond that, we are tremendously pleased to have played a part in preventing such a large cache of marijuana from reaching our streets,”

The drug seizure occurred about 7 p.m. Wednesday in Starr County near the U.S.-Mexican border in South Texas. Retail value of the marijuana was estimated at $3,775,440, according to the release.

“A game warden received information that marijuana was being stashed at a residence in the Salineno area. Game wardens then requested assistance from the U.S. Border Patrol,” said TPWD Maj. Alan Teague, in the release.

When the warden and Border Patrol agents approached the residence, the federal officers saw three men running from the rear of the structure. The officers shouted for the men to stop, but they kept running. After a foot pursuit, two of the three were apprehended.

Texas Parks & Wildlife Department

While escorting the individuals back to the residence, the officers observed a pile of bundles which appeared to be packaged marijuana. A closer inspection along with a Border Patrol canine confirmed the bundles were marijuana. Officers also discovered an underground bunker located near the bundles which contained more marijuana, according to the release.

A total of 409 bundles of marijuana weighing 4,719 pounds were recovered from the back yard area.

“Texas game wardens routinely come across illegal drug smuggling operations, especially in rural areas and along the border region,” said Chief of Special Operations Grahame Jones, in the release, “but this seizure was particularly significant.”

The two men were released to the Border Patrol, along with the drugs.


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