Ducks Unlimited reaches more than 13 million acres of North American habitat conserved

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Ducks Unlimited recently announced that it has reached a conservation milestone with more than 13 million acres of habitat conserved in North America.

“Coming on the heels of DU’s 75th anniversary year, this milestone is a fitting tribute to the hard work of each and every member, volunteer and staff member who has contributed in any way over the past three-quarters of a century,” said DU CEO Dale Hall, in a news release. “If not for their dedication and commitment to conservation, this accomplishment would not have been possible.”

Loss of wetlands and other waterfowl habitat across North America is a challenge that Ducks Unlimited volunteers and officials continue to face.

“DU’s on-the-ground habitat conservation work, science and policy efforts, and the hard work of all waterfowl conservationists will never be more important than in the years ahead,” said Dr. Scott Yaich, DU’s director of conservation operations, in the release. “DU, along with our waterfowl conservation partners, must build upon the progress that resulted in 13 million acres conserved.”

DU’s mission remains committed to conserving, restoring and managing wetlands and associated habitat for waterfowl. For more information, visit Ducks Unlimited’s website.


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