Dallas Safari Club to grant $1M for conservation, advocacy efforts

Dallas Safari Club announces $1 million for conservation projects in 2013

The Dallas Safari Club will grant more than a million dollars for conservation, education and hunter advocacy efforts worldwide for the second year in a row.

The club’s funding commitment for 2013 is $1,010,000 — a record for the organization.

The allocation follows major growth in the DSC annual convention and expo. Held early each January at the Dallas Convention Center, the event steadily has grown in size, attendance and fundraising.

“As gratifying as it’s been to see our annual convention grow, it’s even more rewarding to see the money from our supporters go for conserving wildlife, protecting wild places, educating youth and the general public, and defending hunters’ rights around the world,” said Ben Carter, DSC executive director, in a news release.

Dallas Safari Club announces $1 million for conservation projects in 2013

Projects to receive DSC funding this year include: anti-poaching efforts in Africa; forest restoration in New Mexico; genetic and lion research in Africa; pronghorn and desert bighorn sheep restoration initiatives in Texas; mule deer and elk research in Nevada; habitat improvements in Africa; several youth and veteran hunts; and numerous conservation education events.

DSC also is continuing its annual purchase of life insurance policies for Texas game wardens.

Funding also will support DSC’s mission delivery programs, such as the Dallas Ecological Foundation’s popular Outdoor Adventures program, which is expanding conservation curriculum in Texas schools.


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