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Texas man wrestles feral hog into trap using bare hands Hot

Blog Apr 18, 2015 0

Texas has a feral hog problem — a huge one. In a state featuring more places for the swine to call home than most people may realize, the bottom line is this, according to a Texas A&M University study:... Read more

Texas jetty fishing provides some of the finest angling conditions imaginable

Fishing Feb 28, 2014 0

When discussing great saltwater fishing spots, some of the best locales in Texas are... Read more

Texas catfish noodling leaves biologists fishing for answers

Fishing May 24, 2013 1

Noodling has been around for centuries, but in Texas – where it didn’t become... Read more

Rockport fishing trip again highlights variety of marine wildlife

Destinations May 16, 2013 0

ARANSAS BAY — The top fishfinders in the world don’t come with built-in GPS.... Read more

Catfish the perfect angling target for young, old across Texas

Fishing May 10, 2013 0

The putrid stench mingled with the breeze as it slowly crept from its damp... Read more
Texas red snapper fishing regulation could fall under Gulf Authority
Red snapper fishing in Texas and other states bordering the Gulf of Mexico has no business being governed by...
Golden alga in Texas remains threat to fisheries, game fish success
Greenhouses and nurseries are the best places to find bright, lively wintertime flowers, however, there’s another bloom that fisheries...
Texas speckled trout limit drops to five along much of coast Sept. 1
The Texas speckled trout bag limit along much of the coast drops to five fish per day beginning Monday,...